The Sigma 950 Flow Meter is all about flexibility. It starts with its full-range of sensor types for measuring flow velocity and/or level, including the Sigma Low Profile Velocity Sensor for shallow or fast flows and the Sigma Bubbler Level Sensor for harsh environments. Add in its ability to measure pH and temperature and you’ll start to get a true sense for its flexibility. Then, to seal the deal, simply look at the multiple output options and you’ll be a believer. The Sigma 950 communicates with a wide variety of devices and its built-in display and keypad allow for verification and programming right onsite. We think we’ve made our case, but we’ll throw in this final flexibility bonus: the Sigma 950 can be used in either temporary or permanent locations with battery, AC, or even solar power options. Yeah, it’s flexible.

Power Source: 12V DC
Data Transmission: RS232 (MODBUS ASCii)
Compatible Software: InSight Data Management Software

Additional Features:

  • Versatility and Customization - Choose from any of the following technologies to fit your application.
    • Submerged Area/Velocity flow meter to monitor flow in collections systems for up to 40 days.
    • Level technologies for use when primary devices (weirs and flumes) are available to measure level and calculate flow.
    • Bubbler level technology is ideal for applications with high winds or high temperatures, or when foam is present.
    • Combining bubbler level and Doppler velocity technologies is a preferred approach for storm water professionals.
    • Use ultrasonic level technology to monitor industrial dischargers for your pre-treatment program, combined with any of our automatic wastewater samplers.
  • Sensor inputs: up to 1 velocity and 1 level
  • Temperature and pH water quality parameters
  • Auxiliary Port to connect an automatic sampler or an external power supply

Power Source: AC Power Supply, Solar, rechargeable, or alkaline battery
Data Transmission: Landline Modem (Available in North America)
Additional Options:

  • 2 or 4 alarm relays
  • Mechanical Totalizer
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Rain gauge connection
  • Sigma pH Sensor
  • 4-20 mA output

Replaces the Sigma 970 and Sigma 980 models

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