Flow monitoring doesn’t get any easier than this. The DDS Preferred Program strips away all of the hassle and struggle associated with data collection and simply gives you exactly what you’re looking for — accurate, timely data right at your fingertips. Access to the best monitoring equipment on the market? Check. Hach Flow-certified technicians to handle all installation and maintenance? Included. Real-time data viewing and reporting? Done. The DDS Preferred Program provides it all for a fixed monthly fee so you can leave the hassle behind and move on to more important aspects of your job.

Non-Contact Wireless Monitoring System

Our most powerful monitoring system combines the convenience of wireless data delivery with the intelligence of non-contact flow monitoring. Using wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers and non-contact FLO-DAR AV with SVS Sensors, this system efficiently captures flow data and significantly limits the risk of sensor downtime. The DDS Preferred Program is built on the strength of the Non-Contact Wireless Monitoring System.

Included Equipment:

FL900 with US9001B

Wireless Level-Alarming Network Extension

This sensor system is designed to economically expand your meter network, complementing the Non-Contact Wireless Monitoring System. Use highly accurate, non-contact FLO-DAR monitoring for primary sites and then use non-contact ultrasonic level sensors at secondary locations to extend your system awareness while staying within your budget. Specifically, this system uses Hach US9001B Ultrasonic Sensors to provide SSO and CSO alarming and can also be set up to collect flow data using Manning’s Equation. Wireless flow loggers are included to transmit alarms and data right to your desktop or mobile phone.

Included Equipment:

FL900 with rain gauge

Rain Gauge Monitoring Network Extension

Expanding your monitoring network to measure rainfall is always a good idea, and this network extension is designed to do just that, smartly complementing our Non-Contact Wireless Monitoring System. Utilizing rain gauge tipping buckets paired with wireless data loggers to transmit precipitation information, you’ll conveniently be able to view your system’s reaction to a rain event in real-time.

Included Equipment:

FSDATA Online Data Manager

  • Connects with wireless FL900 Flow Loggers to present real-time data 24/7
  • Map-view dashboard shows meter locations and status with color-coded markers
  • Intuitive drop-down menus make site navigation easy and efficient
  • View flow data in a variety of tabular spreadsheet or graphical formats
  • Easily generate summaries and reports with database-organized data
  • Web service API for integration with SCADA or other databases.

DDS Select Program

If your organization has existing resources, you might be more interested in our DDS Select Program. This program gives you the opportunity to use Hach Flow’s full suite of DDS-specific instrumentation and customer support, as well as our powerful FSDATA Online Data Manager software, without utilizing our installation and maintenance services.

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